Do you want to share your passion for old German poetry with others? Would you like to have a nice group of people to have drinks with once a week? Maybe you’re still looking for a conversation partner to speak your own conlang with! In any case, our TWubs might be something for you!

TWubs are small clubs of T.W.I.S.T. members who undertake activities together. Members can form their own TWubs and organise activities themselves. The founder of a TWub has the responsabilities of the chair of the TWub: they suggest a time and place for a gathering and determines the general identity and goals of the TWub. Other members can join existing TWubs.

Currently, we have the following TWubs:


Les francophiles
– Founders: Mare van Welzenis en Jeanne Printems
– Current participants: Annemarie van Heerwaarden, Annemiek Vos, Cid Swanenvleugel, Franciscus Petrak, Gaby Voorbraak, Giel van Butselaar, Iza Boshove, Jeanne Printems, Jelle Christiaans, Jesper Tittse, Lieke van Zijl, Mare van Welzenis, Marit Postma, Maya Nachesa, Thom van Hugte, Tom Brand, WingSi Chui and Wout Damen
– Description: Bonjour à tous! Les francophiles is a TWub for all linguistic lovers of the language of love, French! Everyone with an affinity for the French language is welcome to join. Whether you want to practice your high school French again, or are already dreaming in French, everyone can join our TWub. Even if you have little to zero experience with the French language. By watching French movies and listening to French music we can make good start in auditive comprehension. Besides this, we will of course speak as much French as possible together!
– Gatherings: We discuss this in our WhatsApp group.


Svenska TWubben
– Chairperson: McKenna Faulkner
– Current participants: McKenna Faulkner, Wout Damen, Charlotte van Elburg, Gaby Voorbraak, Annemarie van Heerwaarden, Flora van der Erve, Oda Amalie Rogne Vik, Juul Tuynman, Thom van Hugte, Robin Sanchez van Ginkel, Annemiek Vos, Jelle Christiaans, Suze Geuke, Tijmen Huijting, Tom Brand, Maya Nachesa, Kambiz Nasseri and Anna Lina Litz
– Description: We would like to spend some time focussed on acquiring the language (perhaps with a book or two for the beginners, but mostly just speaking and practicing together), but would also like to organize cultural activities. Some ideas include an iconic Swedish fika, film nights, baking (kanelbullar, semlor, etc), typical fredagsmys, midsommar, valborg, book club, exploring Old Norse, Swedish music party and perhaps even proper education to some extent through documentaries and presentations on Swedish culture and politics. In short, we want to bring a little Sweden to Leiden!

– Gatherings: We hope to gather once a week in a public place like Van Wijkplaats. For things like baking and watching a movie there is space at McKenna’s place! The weekly gathering still needs to be set via our WhatsApp group. For some activities (likefredagsmys går ju inte på and torsdag eller) we use the original date if this suits our schedules.  


– Founders: Robin Sanchez van Ginkel and Veronica Voevodina
– Current members: Annemarie van Heerwaarden, Annemiek Vos, Jesper Tittse, Kambiz Nasseri, Maya Nachesa, Mare van Welzenis, McKenna Faulkner, Robin Sanchez van Ginkel, Rugile Dunauskaite, Thom van Hugte and Veronica Voevodina
– Description: ForTWissimo aims to make, produce, play, and enjoy different kinds of music on a biweekly basis. Next to that, we plan to go on outings like live bands, jam sessions and other musical events happening around town. If possible, we would even like to perform for the rest of the association from time to time! So, if you love music – be it making or listening or talking about it – join our TWub! 

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand” – Stevie Wonder 


The Bullet Journalists
– Chairpersons: Rosemarie van der Tol and Mare van Welzenis
– Current members: Rosemarie van der Tol, Mare van Welzenis, Wout Damen, Jeanne Printemps, Oda Vik, Annemiek Vos and Lieke van Zijl
– Description: The Bullet Journalists is a TWub dedicated to everyone who loves planning and/or crafts. We meet once a month to set up our bullet journals for the upcoming month. The group is meant for all kinds of bullet journalers: the veterans, the minimalists, calligraphists, but also for aspiring bullet journalers! Come find out about this magical, personalized agenda system that is keeping many of our members organized and sane during their student years. Meetings are bring-your-own-supplies based, but we will provide you with magazines and plenty of inspiration to get creative and organized for the rest of the month! 


– Chairpersons: Danique van Aalst and Lorenzo Oechies
– Current participants: Danique van Aalst, Tessa Bos, Emmi de Natris, Lorenzo Oechies, Guus Pechler, Nina Penning, Luuk Suurmeijer, Jur Timmerman, Mare van Welzenis
– Description: During the desperate times of test weeks and stress over your final thesis it might be hard to find your motivation to start studying. This is why we have founded the TW-UB: we motivate one another by meeting in the UB (University Library)! Of course we mostly do it just for the coffee breaks but if you’re in the UB anyway, you might as well work on your thesis for the time being.

– Gatherings: We discuss this in our WhatsApp group. 


– Chairperson: Gerard Spaans
– Current participants: Pascale Eskes, Maarten van der Velden, Gerard Spaans, Ivo Boers, Marianne de Heer Kloots, Rogier te Paske, Thomas Castelein, Cid Swanenvleugel
Description: In the middle of the night, a couple of linguists are walking amongst the hills of South Limburg. They have just been dropped by the organisation of the TWeekend in a small village called Gasthuis. After having consumed some beers in a local cafe, they began their long journey. They are slightly tipsy, making lame jokes and talking about how the Dutch language should evolve. The perfect conditions to found a TWub! And so it happened, in the Bruisterbosch. The first TWub in the history of T.W.I.S.T. was founded in March 2015 and is called TWubulum. Since then, our version of Dutch has evolved to Dutch 2.18 (NLTW18). We like to gather and discuss the development of Dutch 2.18 and all kinds of other random things. Every now and then, we also cook together and visit our favourite local catering establishments.
Gatherings: Irregular, time and place are discussed in our WhatsApp group.

– Naam: Wubulum
– Ørpixtir: Paξale Eξes, Määrdt van der Vьeld, Geerdard Eψaansx, Iveau Bursx.
Haydige dьeelnьemir: Paξale Eξes, Määrdt van der Vьeld, Geerdard Eψaansx, Iveau Bursx, Marianne de Eérd Elkeauc, Ρgiird te Paξe, Þeaumas Kacelein, Sid Słäälnvøølg.
Bərsxīving: In oĺcet des naxc, tyßx den Zayd-Limbyrgsxen ьööĺv leaupən ən paard täälłetensxäppir. Zə zīn zeauγιayc deaurd də Wiikendorganiisação in ənem gəýxtulo gənamən Gasþays, rext veaurd ənem kafer, łaarζe eerdc ən paard biirdula gənottigən ébbən veaurddacī aan den langen vuttoxt bəgonnən, gədrøppən. Zə zīn melig, lixtəlīk aangəsxeautən en erψekən eaurv ú Neerdlancxet zix onwikkələn mutən zol. Kortom, də perfektə ømcändigeíd om ən Wubulum op tə rixtən. En zeau gəbiir ét, daard in Erbayrcbosx. Tīdənšet Wikend van maardt 2015 łerðet allreercə Wubulum van WIC opgəroxtən, gənamən Wubulum. Inmiddəlsx eéxt onzə niiułə versão des Neerdlancx zix onwokkələn toþet Neerdlancx 2.18 (NLW18). Łī oĺdən ervan bīeen tə keaumən om ornd gənot van vərsxeidənən âppula en erdänkula ét Neerdlancx 2.18 en allərlei arndə łilləkørigə dьing tə bərψekən. Eauk keaukən łe zeau Ν en dan təramən en erbengən łe bərukula aan onzən faveauriitən ëäűrьekägilьeginьeíd.
Samənkomc: ornegəlmatig. Łe paßən ons aan də bəsxikbaarðeid der dьeelnьemir aan. Łe bərψekən derə in onzər Łácärpgup.



Do you still miss a TWub? Send us a proposal for a new TWub to with:

– A suggestion for a (temporary) name for your TWub
– The name(s) of the chairperson(s) of the TWub (maximum of 2)
– The intended realisation of the TWub
– The number of current members of the proto-TWub (minimum of 5, including the chairperson(s))
– When and where meetings of TWub will be taking place, with information on how frequent the TWub will meet.

This information can of course be edited after the formation of the TWub.

TWubs have certain rights, such as receiving financial aid from the association or using their social media. The specifics of these rights can be found in the Internal Regulations.