LANGU Day 2021

Welcome to the official website for this year’s LANGU Day! The LANGU-day is a shared event with all five linguistics associations in the Netherlands, so our members can hang out with fellow linguists from all over the country. The event is hosted by a different association every year, and this time is Leiden’s turn! We have a fantastic spread of online activities for all you, on the 29th and 30th of April, so register now!

Because Leiden focuses more on descriptive and comparative linguistics than most of the other universities, we’ve got two lectures to give students from elsewhere a little insight into what we do all day! Both lectures start at 15:30, and both will definitely be very interesting, even if you’ve already done some comparative or descriptive linguistics yourself. You’ll be able to find the lectures in this Kaltura room.

Both evenings will feature some nice, non-academic down time! During the cocktail workshop on Thursday, we’ll be showing you how to make three delicious cocktails – and for just €4.99, we’ll send you everything you need to make them! The game night on Friday will feature an assortment of language-y online games, and – of course – prizes for the winners. The evening events will both start at 19:30 in this discord server.