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How long does a contribution need to be?

There is no true minimum word count for your contribution, but it should adequately fit at least 1 page in the TWISTER (images are allowed). Which length is most appropriate depends mostly on the genre of the contribution. However, please consult with the RedacCie first if you want to send in a contribution of over 2500 words.

What is the style in which it needs to be written?

Anything from casual to academic is fine.

Which citation method should I use?

You can choose whichever you prefer, as long as you are consistent and use it correctly.

Is it alright if it does not fit in the theme for the next TWISTER?

Yes, a contribution need not necessarily be related to the theme.

Can I write in a language other than Dutch or English?

If you wish to write in another language, please contact the committee to discuss the matter. We love all languages, but it more or less defeats the purpose of writing something really interesting if no one can read it. However, exceptions can always be made.

Can I send in a paper I wrote for a course?

Absolutely, although you may need to make it more accessible and shorter in length.

How much time do I have to write my contribution?

TWISTER’s appear around the change of the seasons, so in the last week of September, December, March, and June. A good rule of thumb for a deadline would be the 10th of any those months, but you can contact the RedacCie to agree upon the most suitable deadline.

Will my contribution be edited?

Yes, one or more RedacCie members will check your contribution for typos and other errors. No significant editing will be done without consent.

Can I make create a puzzle instead of writing something?

Definitely. However, the TWISTER puzzle should have something to do with the issue’s theme. If it is

not about the theme, then we will use it as an extra puzzle alongside the in-theme one.

What about font size and type?

Our commissioner lay-out will make everything consistent so you do not have to worry about this.

Suggestions for possible contributions:

Article, Column, Fairytale, Interview, Opinion piece, Personal experience (having to do with linguistics), Photo (e.g. linguistic landscape), Poem, Puzzle, T.W.I.S.T.-activity review, Review

How do I send in my contribution or contact the RedacCie?

The RedacCie has its own email address: