T.W.I.S.T. gets sponsored by the following instances:

Order at your favourite online stores with T.W.I.S.T.’s sponsor link and support the association! A small part of your order amount will go to the association, without you having to pay more. Make sure you turn off your adblocker, click on this link, find your store, and shop like you normally do.

At JoorIt, you can print your own design on every possible piece of clothing at a discounted price. This includes bags, shirts, sweaters and zipper hoodies. It’s great for committee clothing, but also for personal use! Contact the board for more information if you want to use this deal.

De Vergulde Kruik
This beautiful cafe, located in the Haarlemmerstraat, functions as our local pub for activities. Would you like to organise a party, lecture or anything else, feel free to contact the board for a good deal for the back room of the cafe!

Leids Universiteits Fonds
Thanks to this fund, and mainly their CASSA committee, we as an association can get subsidies for for example the Conference or the VakanCie trip! You can also sponsor T.W.I.S.T. by becoming a LUF member for and specifying that you’ll donate your contribution to us. With the membership, you get nice discounts everywhere in Leiden for only €5,- per year!

VU Boekhandel
At this book store, you can purchase all your study books (and more!) at a fair price. Together with VU Boekhandel (and their subsidiary Smartbooks), we organise a biannual study book sale for all T.W.I.S.T. members; check out this page for more information!