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On this page, you’ll find some information about the committees that are tasked with organising T.W.I.S.T.’s activities. Being in a committee can be a fun way to really get to know some of your fellow students! Besides that, it is also very fun to be part of a committee, you acquire skills that you won’t learn anywhere else and you get to know yourself better.
It generally takes up between two and five hours a week of your time, but how dedicated you are as a committee member is up to you (and depends on the committee). There are also ‘peak committees’, like the ConferenCie and LustrumCie. These committees organize bigger activities, and will be busier during this period than other moments of the year.
Would you like to sign up for a committee, or maybe even more than one? Let us know by sending an email to! If you have any questions regarding the roles within a committee, you can send an e-mail to

Are you in a committee and do you want to declare something? Make sure you keep your receipt, and fill out this form.

AcademiCie (Academic Committee)

AcademiCie 2023-2024

This committee is dedicated to organising all kinds of activities related to culture and study, such as interesting lectures, visits to museums and many other educative trips.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chairperson: Yilin (Liz) Zeng
Secretary: Jolan Douwes
Treasurer: Jackie Randazzo (not in the picture)
Assessor internal: Ngaira Salomons
Assessor external: Sebastian Mooser
Board member: Charlotte Wennekes

AcCie (Activity Committee)

AcCie 2023-2024

The AcCie organises many different and fun activities throughout the whole year, varying from Christmas celebrations to the annual TWeekend.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Eline van de Meerakker
Secretary: Sebastian Mooser
Treasurer: Jackie Randazzo
Assessor internal: Dylan Bos
Assessor external: Alejandra van Os
Assessor: Milan de Bruin
Board member: Charlotte Wennekes

ConferenCie (Conference Committee)

ConferenCie 2022-2023

Every year, the ConferenCie organises the T.W.I.S.T. Linguistics Conference. They make sure speakers from the Netherlands – but also from other countries – provide interesting lectures about all kinds of linguistic aspects.

Committee members 2022-2023:
Chair: Magdalena Wloczweska
Secretary: Yoshi Smart
Treasurer: Luge Yu
Commissioner external communications: Merel Drop
Commissioner promotions: Giosue Balocco
Commissioner financial communication: Łukasz Al-Darawsheh
Board member: Rosalina Pegler

FeesCie (Party Committee)

The FeestCie will be organising parties; parties organised by only T.W.I.S.T., but also parties organised in collaboration with other (study) associations. Besides parties, additional borrels and Dies activities will be also organised by this committee.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Amy Lagerweij
Secretary: Pati Tatar
Treasurer: Patrick Crowe
Assessor internal: Jasmijn Kesseler
Assessor external: Paulina Pilz
General committee member: Drake Sommerman
Board member: Emile Hertog

InterCom (Internationalisation Committee)

InterCom 2022-2023

The InterCom helps integrate international students into our association and find their way in the Netherlands. To achieve this, they launched a buddy system, which links international students to a Dutch student. They also provide translations for important association documents and this website.

Committee members 2022-2023:
Chair: Magdalena Wloczweska
Secretary: Łukasz Al-Darawsheh
Treasurer: Klára Vydrová
Assessor: Giosuè Balocco
Board member: Dorien van Bakel
Board member: Federico Cassani


NeerlandiCie 2023-2024

This committee is responsible for activities related to Dutch culture. Activities they organize include language classes and Dutch holiday celebrations.

Committee members 2023-2024
Chair: Karlotta Jesse
Secretary: Leelo Mikk
Treasurer: Calvin Mehaffey
Assessor: Milan de Bruin
Assessor: Ábel Dánffy
Assessor: Klára Vydrová
Board Member: Thijs de Groot

NewbieCie (First years Committee)

NewbieCie 2023-2024

This committee will be fully focused on first years. There will be fun activities specifically for first years, like the first years boattour in september. Also study-related activities will be organised by this committee. Think about study sessions and workshops in which will be explained how to make a summary, or lecture notes.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Karlotta Jesse
Secretary: Lucas Frederiks
Treasurer: Dylan Bos
Assessor: Tjally Bakker
Assessor: Jolan Douwes
Assessor: Milan de Bruin
Assessor: Federico Cassani
Board member: Horea Marinescu

PromoCie (Merchandise and symbolism Committee)

PromoCie 2023-2024

The PromoCie designs the associations merch (TWerch) and is responsible for updating the symbolism of the association.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Matea Haverlík
Secretary: Ossian Horváth
Treasurer: Patrick Crowe
Assessor external: Laura van Lente
Assessor symbolism: Zoë Klunder
Board member: Horea Marinescu

RedacCie (Magazine Committee)

This committee is responsible for the quarterly magazine of our association, the TWISTER. Of course, a magazine does not write itself! The committee members write articles, create linguistic puzzles and take care of the lay-out and distribution of the magazine. If you’d like to write something for the TWISTER, you can find all the information you need in their FAQ.

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Andrei Stancu
Secretary: Yilin (Liz) Zeng
Treasurer: Patrick Crowe
Assessor Design: Kiki Dekker
General member: Kowsar Amiri
General member: Zoë Klunder
General member: Eline Zeelenberg
General member: Lucas Frederiks
General member: Ngaira Salomons
Board member: Thijs de Groot

VakanCie (Holiday Committee)

This committee is dedicated to organising an amazing holiday abroad every year. We step outside the Netherlands for an intriguing quest for culture and language. The VakanCie organise the entire trip by themselves, from the very first destination brainstorming to the accomodation, flights, and fun activities!
In the academic year 2022-2023 the destination was Cyprus!

Committee members 2023-2024:
Chair: Marieke Pouw
Secretary: Sjors Neijens
Treasurer: Klára Vydrová
Assessor internal: Vera Scheffer
Assessor activities: Kowsar Amiri
Assessor transport: Štefan Števík
Board member: Emile Hertog