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Current board


21st board of Study Association T.W.I.S.T., 2022-2023
From left to right: Frederico Casserole, Rosalina Pegler, Nicolas Lotman, Dorien van Bakel, Jolan Douwes and Solenn van Heuckelum

Dorien van Bakel [dɔri:n vɑn ba:kɔl] (she/her)
Who am I? I am the God-Empress. My name is Dorien, and I’m a third year in the Descriptive track. I believe I might secretly be a nerd because I like making implosives, painting Warhammer figurines, playing DnD… the list goes on. I am excited to be the face of T.W.I.S.T. as chairperson and learn many new skills. I like showing up to activities in myboard suit and showing off 🙂 I am furthermore an avid music listener, I really like jamming out to The Beatles, Queen, BTS, Thelonius Monk, Kendrick Lamar, Bob Marley and much, much more.

Jolan Douwes [‘joʊ.l​​ɑn ‘dau.ʋəs] (he/him)
Hello! My name is Jolan, I am a third year descriptive student and I will be your secretary this year! You better read all of the emails I send you or I’ll be very sad :(. Besides being secretary and linguistics, I love implosives! Oh, and reading, politics, philosophy, board games and plants. I am very much looking forward to beating my introversion, meeting new people and gaining skills this year. I am particularly into Scandinavian languages, especially Swedish (Fred hates me for it) and the link between protecting indigenous peoples and nature.

Nicolas Lotman [ˈnɪkɔˌlɑs ˈlɔtmɑn] (he/him)
After malaria and other fieldwork funsies, I, the one and only active first year from last year, am now board of T.W.I.S.T. In addition to devoting my soul to keeping fair guard of T.W.I.S.T.’s funds, I am a second year descriptive student with a special interest in IE loanwords into Uralic/Finnic (I’m Estonian so duh). I also share a love for writing and reading poetry and prose and if I am not busy with any of the previous then you may find me playing with a yoyo while making implosives.

Rosalina Pegler [ro:salina pɛχlər] (she/her)
Assessor Internal Communications
Who am I? I am the girl who is probably responsible for posting some uncharming pictures of you on our social media <3 I will be your assessor internal communications this year, which means I am the one making sure communication runs smoothly within the association. I am a third year descriptive student with a focus on South American languages! Language documentation and language description are my main interests within linguistics, but I also love anthropological linguistics. What i love most in the world? Going to concerts, music (a weird combination of folk, rock, indie and a lot of Spinvis), cats, poetry, the Sims and going to museums! What I hate most in the world? Cheese, implosives, prescriptivists and Putin. I love all of the T.W.I.S.T. members very much and am very excited to be your assessor internal communications this year <3

Solenn van Heuckelum [soːlɛn vɑn ɦøːkələm] (she/her)
Assessor External Communications
Hi all <3. I will be the Assessor External Communications this year. This means that I will contact other study and student associations. Besides this, I will be responsible for the website!
I am, like the rest of the board, a Descriptive Linguistics student, third-year to be exact. Besides studying (what I of course love so much and do so often) I love making implosives (sorry Goos), being outside and travelling (basic – I know). To finally be able to say that I have an actual hobby, I want to start with crochet. We’ll see how that goes… 
I am super excited for this year and I hope to see many of you at activities!!

Frederico Casserole [’ri.ko kas:ani] (he/him; lui; él)
Assessor External Organisations
Ciao belli! You can call me Frederico/Fred (preferred if you’re not Italian)/Frede (preferred if you’re Italian), and usually if you don’t call me Fed, Fede or Federico I like you already; I’m going to be this year’s T.W.I.S.T. assessor external organisations and I also have the burden to be the sexiest T.W.I.S.T. member, of the past, present and possibly, and quite probably, future. 
I am into socio-, descriptive and romance linguistics so please don’t mention trees unless it’s in an elicitation session. Beside languages, my favourite things in the world are maps, flags, food and cats (send pics) and I enjoy playing board games and videogames. I am very looking forward to meeting and partying with all of you :)))