Do you want to share your passion for old German poetry with others? Would you like to have a nice group of people to have drinks with once a week? Maybe you’re still looking for a conversation partner to speak your own conlang with! Our TWubs might be something for you!

TWubs are clubs of T.W.I.S.T. members who undertake activities together. Members can form their own TWubs and organise activities themselves. The founder of a TWub has the responsabilities of the chair of the TWub: they suggest a time and place for a gathering and determines the general identity and goals of the TWub. Other members can join existing TWubs.

T.W.I.S.T. has the following active TWubs:

Skandina(7)vi/íske/a/i TWu/úbben/urinn (Scandinavian TWub)

Founder(s): Tess Huijting, Jelle Christiaans
Description: A continuation of the former Svenska TWubben. We focus on acquiring the Scandiavian languages and organising cultural activities, to bring Scandinavia to Leiden!
Gatherings: We hope to gather once a week in a university building, or at one of the members’ places. Meeting times will be set in our WhatsApp group chat.

Would you like to set up a TWub of your own? Send your proposal to, and don’t forget to include:
– A proposed (temporary?) name for the TWub
– The names of the TWub’s founder(s)
– The idea behind the TWub
– The current number of members of the proto-TWub
– Time and place for the TWub, including info on how frequently the TWub will meet
(The above information can still be changed after founding the TWub)

Note that a TWub can only be founded if at least three members of T.W.I.S.T. would like to join it. This means that you’ll have to find at least to members who would like to join your TWub, before sending your proposal to the board.